Samsung Surrenders to Apple Lawsuits; Alters Galaxy Design – NASDAQ:AAPL


Samsung Electronics stated on Thursday that it would release a redesigned version of its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab model in Germany as early as present week to avoid a sales disallowance on the tablet, which a German court stated infringed Apple’s patents.

For sales in Germany Samsung altered the design of the border of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 model and the place of its speaker, and renamed it the “Galaxy Tab 10.1 N,” a Samsung Electronics spokesperson said.

The spokesman stated that they modified the model to reflect Apple’s alleges.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) last session volume of 12.47 million shares was surprisingly lower than its average volume of 19.45 million shares. The stock after opening at $389.25 and then closed at $384.77 by decline -1.04%.

AAPL generated revenue of 108.25 billion in the following twelve months and earned $25.92 billion. The Company showed a positive 23.95% in the net profit margin and as well as in its operating margin which remained 31.22%. Company’s annual sales growth for the past five year was 41.16%.

The AAPL past twelve months price to sales ratio was 3.30 and price to cash ratio remained 13.78. As far as the returns are concern, the AAPL return on equity was recorded as 41.67% and increased 36.29% return on investment while its return on asset stayed at 27.06%.

The stock showed weekly downbeat performance of -2.66% which was maintained for the month at -8.87%. Likewise the positive performance for the quarter was recorded as 5.11% and for the year was 28.04% while the YTD performance remained at 19.29%.


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3 Responses to Samsung Surrenders to Apple Lawsuits; Alters Galaxy Design – NASDAQ:AAPL

  1. Brian Rabbit says:

    And somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling at the sense of vindication.

  2. afamiii says:

    I’m sure he is smiling as Samsung smartphone sales overtake Apple’s. And as the world’s number two tablet maker introduces a 10.1N which will compete strongly with Apple’s tablet in Germany and anywhere else Apple’s patent warriors make progress. I have an iPad 1, and a Galaxy Tab (1st generation 7 inch.) I use the Tab 90% of the time. My wife has an iPad 2, but she keeps borrowing my Tab, it looks like she may well be in the market for the tab 7.7 plus (new generation.) On the plus side, the kids are happy with their iPads. Disclosure: I own shares in Apple and Google.

    • Brian Rabbit says:

      Well, I guess if You are Samsung and You make lower priced and, consequently, potentially lower quality phones, yes, I suppose You are bound to see Your sales exceed Apple’s until the various service contracts expire and People have an experience with which to compare the iPhone.

      As far as the tablet competition, We will see. Apple has set a pretty high standard since introducing the iPad. But since Samsung is already selling the Galaxy tablet in other countries and is not gaining on the iPad, I am not putting too much faith in the ability of the redesigned 10.1N to do any better.

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